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No matter it is impossible to be creative and become a professional player in any business field. Likewise for the  PT. Ujungkulon Tour & Travel who have shown courage and professionalism in serving the client users of tourism services. Therefore, in the course for at least the last four years, with emphasis on service quality & customer satisfaction, PT. Ujungkulon Tour & Travel is believed many loyal partners, both among business and education,   PT. Ujungkulon Tour & Travel seeks to serve and provide a best.


Globalization of the world today also have an impact on increasing the intensity of travel from one country to another. It also happened in Indonesia, where travel from one region to another has increased. Various purposes, among others, a journey undertaken for official events, private tours, as well as other purposes which are a combination of leisure-business trips.

In line with the policy of the Indonesian Government that sets the tourism sector as a commodity which is expected to be a mainstay commodity in the future, then this would support the development of various tourism activities and other activities that support.

With time and maturity of the company, PT. Ujungkulon Tour & Travel, helped increase the professionalism and competitiveness by strengthening some existing divisions. Besides working in the field of tourism, with the name Ujungkulon Tour & Travel, the field of other supporters who helped develop the division event organizers with the name P T. Ujungkulon TOUR AND TRAVEL

Legal incorporation

PT. Ujungkulon Tour and Travel was established by Deed of Establishment of the Company by deed HAPENDI PLEASE, SH. No.14, dated January 16, 2002, domiciled in the Province of BANTEN, headquartered in the city of Cilegon.

The composition of the board members as follows:

* Commissioner: Hj. Titi Nurhayati
* Commissioner: H. Lukman judge
* Director: Achmad asrory

Legality of listed companies as follows:

  • Akta Pendirian Perusahaan No 14 tanggal 16 january 2002 oleh HAPENDI HARAP ,S H
  • Pengesahan Menteri Kehakiman No C – 06245 HT.01.01.TH.2002
  • Tanda Daftar Perusahaan No 300416000052
  • SIUP No. 517/30-04/0267/BINUS/11/2002
  • SIUK No. 503/1220/SIUK/2002
  • Keanggotaan ASITA No 069/XXIX/DPP/2006
  • NPWP No 02.121.923.3-401.000
  • SITU No: 503/55/TIB/2002


In the early years of starting his business, PT. Ujungkulon Tour and Travel emphasis on product airlines ticketing & tour package, but then the company is developing various products and other tourism services, as well as services related to event management.

Products and services that are managed include:

  • Reservation Domestic & International Airlines Ticketing.
  • Rental Transport: Bus, Microbus, and all kinds of small capacity cars.
  • Preparation Package Tours on request, at home and abroad, including tour packages that are corporate groups or personal / family.
  • Hotel Reservation at home and abroad.
  • Travel Document / Passport.
  • Implementation of Outbound Management Training: High Impact Outbound / Fun Outbound / Outing.
  • Implementation of MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Exhibition).

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