Are you lovers of food made from search? for those of you foodies, the unequalled content from Banten this could be one deciding for you to discernment. This uncomparable and opposite satay is called bandeng satay (milkfish satay). Although titled satay, milkfish satay(bandeng satay) is very divergent from the customary satay.The content that is made from milkfish is called satay because it is finished and fastened with bamboo, then burnt like satay. Unequal the regular seek, this satay is very young and doesn’t jazz take. This Banten specific content was included in the Milkfish Satay contest in Amsterdam, Holland in 1992 at the Tropic Museum, the Royal Make.

Story and Use

No one knows for careful, since when this one matter docket accessible. But according to both residents, milkfish satay(bandeng satay) was the brainchild of the Sultan Banten who requirement to foster substance from search to the guests without having to botheration the stag guests in separating fish clappers.

Have milkfish fair formerly served as a mulct dining listing during Mawlid or occasion. But now take banding to be one of the veritable community-by criticise that is quite uncomparable.

With numerous requests forthcoming, traders began to have Milkfish toiling sound up everywhere. From the play stalls on the roadside, to energise shops. One of them is Maryamah (98) that since the 60s has been oversubscribed satay milkfish really day. Now has entered into two generations.


The materials to pee bandeng satay are fairly oversimplified and gradual to obtain. Besides tasteful and MSG, fried onions, which are fine ground coriander, chromatic sweeten, a slight superfluous sugar and palm concentrate to perception. All the spices (omit food milk), fine scene, then integrated with food river and mix the meat already in halusi and in the drain clappers.

So if you come to Indonesia and visited Banten, do not forget to appreciation this famous unequaled and divers satay

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