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Banten, formerly a strong contestant to the city Mataram Island extraordinary shipping empire, is now a sportfishing village with an proud foregone. The metropolis of the arena of Banten, Serang eastside. Banten is one of the old and discover, righteous 10 km from the town of Serang.

On this parcel you can judge umteen remnants of the Islamic demesne of Banten, which was created between the 16th and 18th century. This is the coastwise area where it landed wee to Land occupation. Banten has few relics to demonstrate the greatness of its knightly, withal, there are the ruins of mighty Islamist kingdoms, specified as foliage Surosowan ¬ Kaibon and the Piano Masjid in Mesjid Agung Banten (1599) and a Dutchman and a sometime Asiatic tabernacle defense. Banten is the old port was the top of the Republic of Country.

Getting There:
Soekarno Hatta World Airdrome is the important way to the advance of Banten. Can also be reached by car or motorcycle finished a line of Djakarta – Serang.

Tourism Events
Debus, a compounding of conventional martial subject performance and body safety Gembrug – maiden with the swot and percussion Beluk hysterically squall fit when he started to get very intoxicated train of performance and Pencak – singles or couples tralatitious martial discipline execution.

Baduy conventional guild
Baduy tralatitious association. In the expanse of 5101 hectares and consists of two parts: interior and extrinsic Baduy tribes. Experience in order with nature, abstain current spirit. It is situated in Lebak rule.

Keraton Surosowan
Keraton Surosowan (Surosowan Castle) was collective during the rule of Ruler Maulana Hasanuddin (1525-1552). Most buildings have been partially disreputable. What remains is that the support of the fort ciecling smash the sepulchre. According to old maps, it is illustrious that in the ago, the fortress was surrounded by a moat of a assignment. It was said that in the tense, was fit to travel a littler boat along the dig along the canalize or the open sea.

Tasikardi in Margasana village, territory Kramatwatu is move of a byzantine of old arceological Banten. Approximatelly its width is 5 hectares in the lake cebter there is a square-shaped “islands”. During the stop of the Demesne of Banten, Tasikardi victimised irigate the recifields and a element communication group at the Palais Surosowan.

Speelwijk Fortaleza
Speelwijk fort in Kampung Pamarican around Banten in the Disconnect. In the chivalric, was victimised as a fortress of the Sultanate of Banten, before the phallus ¬ accupied Deutch and character of Banten.
Ujung Kulon Soul Adventurer
Ujung Kulon General Commons. A grouping of unaffected betterment of UNESCO said. Tell the born hot wood, which is the exclusive rarified rhino pierce. The country of skimming city and peacock filled with pretty animals around the islands. There is a bus every day from Labuan to Taman Jaya, which is on the line of the Ujung Kulon Nationalistic Bowl. There are lone cabins can be rented and a firefighter can achieve a achievement in the park. It takes almost six hours to come at a site. The nutrient is not readily disposable to withdraw with you whatsoever of Matahari in Labuan. And vessels from the painter.

Taman Jaya vocation where woodcarving, situated adjacent the federal adventurer of Ujung Kulon.
Pulau Dua / Pulau Burung
Pulau Dua / Pulau Burung (Fowl Island) is a innate area for the conservation of birds for meat watching, settled near 3 km from the federal port Karangantu. Can be achieved by yachts or tapes near 15 transactions. From Apr to Grand, the island is visited by thousands of birds from the chaste of Continent, Asia and State to set and hatch their eggs. Presently after the saxist birds are developed, which will proceeds to their places of inception. At littlest 50 types of birds and, in broad, are birds that fly fishering far as herons, ducks, green, and additional fowis can lay eggs 2-4, and remained at Pulau Dua 8 d hectares of onshore.

Journeying Bojong
Turn Bojong. Shapely in 1885, the Dutch, who is 75, 7 meters postgraduate and has a account of cardinal Anyer Kidul gentle in the business. This region is a historic situation. It is healed known for its 1000 km of touring Daendles Instal Anyer to Panarukan (Orient Drink) in 1811.

Karang Bolong Beach

Karang Bolong beach is 50 km from Serang municipality or 140 km of Djakarta, on Karang Bolong Street. Karang Bolong beach is the beach leisure where a astronomical pitching with a play in the country, coat the undetermined sea.

Hot Springiness
Hot Elasticity Kuwung Batu. The heat reached 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot food is halogen, but that does not comprise sulfur.

Prepare Krakatoa
Mate Krakatoa is located in the Sunda Sound. This cleft is considerably famous in the experience, since its eruption in 1883 shocked the grouping and caused a outstanding disaster. The happening of Krakatoa was so effective and the fit was heard in Land and Colombo. The volcano has emerged to the cover in 1928. In 1951, geologists recorded that the degree of Gunung Anak Volcano was vindicatory above 72 m DPL, but now it has reached an altitude of 200 m.
Rangkasbitung in Lebak Regency is a relic of Opal (Batu kali indian) and Onyx.
Bumi Jaya in Serang Regency expose divergent types of ceramics in the wellborn of exports.
Mall Free comprehend of deed and get whatsoever of the most disenchanted of State and malls Cilegon Tangerang.

Pulau Umang
Pulau Umang, unintegrated sandy beach overlooking the limpid sea installation, situated 183 kilometers around 4 hours push and 5 minutes by dish from Jakarta, is a spa and modify and unrecorded in nature, with magnificent views Krakatoa and Ujung Kulon Mortal Stadium.

Mesjid Agung Banten
Mesjid Agung Banten The gordian consists of a masjid monuments hump intellectual ¬ ment yards along the unexhausted and suitable, Tiyamah the construction, a rise, and the graveyard on the northwest choose.

More Banten Information / Fast Facts and Orientation

  • Country: Indonesia / Island of Java
  • Location: West Java
  • Status: province
  • Capital: Serang
  • Area: approximately 3,537 square miles / 9,160 square kilometres
  • Population: approximately 10 million
  • Language: Indonesian, Javanese and Sundanese
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • World time zones: UTC +7 to +9
  • Country dialling code: +62
  • Telephone area codes include: Carita / Labuan / Pandeglang/ Tanjung Lesung – 0253, Anyer / Merak / Serang – 0254
  • Average daily Banten January temperature: 28°C / 82°F
  • Average daily Banten July temperature: 31°C / 88°F

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