Indonesia – Ujung Kulon National Park

This national park, located in the extreme south-western tip of Java on the Sunda shelf, includes the Ujung Kulon peninsula and several offshore islands and encompasses the natural reserve of Krakatoa. In addition to its natural beauty and geological interest – particularly for the study of inland volcanoes – it contains the largest remaining area of lowland rainforests in the Java plain, and is home to several coral reef formations. Several species of endangered plants and animals can be found there, the Javan rhinoceros being the most seriously under threat.
UN Foundation Project Support: The Foundation is supporting activities in the Ujung Kulon National Park that prioritize local site management capacity and sustainable tourism. In partnership with the Indonesian government and local community organizations, the Foundation’s efforts ensure local economic development that will maintain, and even
enhance, the natural conservation of the area, its endemic species, and its marine environment.
Park Management Project Opportunity*: Responding to the need to stop illegal encroachment into the rhinoceros and coastal habitats of the Ujung Kulon peninsula, in 2002 the Ujung Kulon National Park authority established a coastal patrol. The patrols have successfully prevented and halted many illegal activities in the area, such as cyanide and bomb fishing, resulting in a noticeable recovery and re-colonization of coral reefs in certain marine areas. Nevertheless, the park authority faces an annual budget shortfall, jeopardizing the future of these necessary efforts.

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