BADUY  TRIBE  TOUR “Package One Day”

The ethnic of Baduy live in the area about 5.101 ha, in Kanekes Village. Leuwidamar Sub district, Lebak Regency, about 38 km from Rangkasbitung the City of Lebak Regency. The Baduy Consists of two part : Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) : Live in three Kampung’s; Cikeusik, Cikertawarna and Cibeo. Baduy Luar (outer Baduy) : Live in the outside of the three Kampung’s. There are 53 Kampung in the Baduy. There is a tradition community, they have the firm tradition law. They have their own government, the tradition government. There are three heads of ethnic group as the head of government. We call them PUUN, that is Cikeusik, Cikertawarna and Cibeo PUUN’s. They are have eight assistant which have the same function and duties and called JARO. The most of the Baduys are Farmers. They plant Huma Rice (padi Huma/padi ladang) and other plantation. Beside farmers the make handicrafts like Koja’s bag, palm sugar, woven products and less are merchands.Their Religion is “Sunda Wiwitan”, they believe only One God, SANG HYANG TUNGGAL as the creature, arrange and decider in the live.


  • Departure at 0800 am From Rangkas  to Ciboleger takes about 3 hours.
  • Arrive at Ciboleger ( the gate to Baduy tribe ) about 1100 am , directly tracking to Kadu Ketug ( Outer Baduy or Black Baduy ) then tracking to Gajeboh ( The boarder between outer and iner Baduy ), while you will  see and enjoy the simple life of Baduy community and feel how rich culture and nature of Baduy tribe.
  • Take rest for a few minutes in Gajeboh and then tracking to Cigula , Kadu Jangkung and back to Ciboleger.
  • Ciboleger to Cilegon end of  tour.


  • Air Conditioner Car, guide , entry permit , self insurance , lunch box , fruit , mineral water and soft drink.
  • The trip schedule is very much dependent on weather conditions and may make changes accordingly.

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