Ujung Kulon Adventure Package 2

Ujung Kulon – Adventure Package 2

Day 1

Depart from  Carita Beach at about 800 AM to Sumur , a fishing village near Ujung Kulon. It is a 2 hour drive from Carita through hills , jungles , and rice fields. From Sumur a large traditional fishing boat takes us to Handeuleum island inside the Ujung Kulon national park. On the way to Handeuleum there is a stop over on Batul Island , a small uninhabited , reef – island with beautiful white sand beaches. Dinner is at 700 PM. The night is spent in rooms at Handeuleum Island ( Accommodation ).

Day 2

After breakfast we pick up canoes and take to the Cigenter river on the mainland peninsula. Canoeing the river for an hour or so through some prime rainforest terrain will allow for many opportunities to view wildlife. The river banks are lined with the footprints of Banteng and the Javan Rhino. The treetops are home to the many types of monkey and birdlife. Hornbills fly overhead , pythons hang on tree branches , and monitor lizards scurry up the riverbanks.
We return to the boat for lunch as we travel west on the coast to Peucang , a most spectacular white sandy beach where the rain forest meets the ocean. This is a great place to cool down and clean up. Stay over night at Peucang Island ( Accommodation ), Economy Room FAUNA.

Day 3

After breakfast we will visit a nearby wildlife grazing ground Cidaon. The morning is spent in a jungle trek to Cibom beach. Stay over night at Peucang Island ( Accommodation ), Economy Room FAUNA (Lunch will be serve at the Restaurant ).

Day 4

The return trip takes 4 hours back to the Sumur port. We may stop off some snorkeling on one of the small islands in the area , if there are those on the trip wanting to stop. From Sumur,  it is back to Carita and our fond best wishes and fond farewells.

The package includes  :

  • Slow boat , guide , snorkeling equipment , entry permit , self insurance , meals , accommodation , transportation , and mineral water.
  • The trip schedule is very much dependent on weather conditions and may make changes accordingly.

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