UJUNG  KULON  TOUR  “Package One Day”

Ujung Kulon ( The name means “ Western Tip “) is leading park in Indonesia and barely part of  Java . Being the only Habitat of the endangered one horn Javan Rhinoceros , the park over an excellent spot for eco tourism .
Located in the Western Tip of Java Island , Handeleum Island , Peucang Island , Panaitan Island , mountain honje range and the water surrounding , make the area a complete and outstanding nature conservation .
Historically Ujung Kulon National Park was a leading hunting ground during the Dutch time until the research of Botanists found the several Fauna species were already at the threshold  extinction and should be Immediately conserved such species are Javan Rhinoceros , Leopard , Grey Gibbon , Green Peafowl , Green Turtles , Etc.
Available attraction are some vacation resort , White sandy beaches with calm and clear water ,  marine gardens , Surfing spot , some cultural historically scene such cemetery statues and building.

Of the feeding ground that are slatted over the area wild games such as wild oxen , wild pig , monkeys , giant , lizard , and friendly deer are easy target for photo hunter .
The river traverse the park offer an exciting opportunity for canoeing and enjoying the intact the tropical rain forest as well as the mangrove forest .


  • Departure at 0700 am From  Carita Beach.
  • Carita directly to Ujung Kulon National Park ( Peucang Island ) take about 2,5 hours
  • Arrive at Peucang Island , tracking to Karang Copong or tracking to Cidaon to see and enjoy of wild life of Ujung Kulon National Park ( World heritage site ) and tropical rain forest.
  • Lunch will be served at the Restaurant.
  • After tracking swimming and snorkeling.
  • Back to Carita / to Cilegon end of tour.


  • Fast boat , guide , entry permit , self insurance , lunch box , fruit , mineral water and soft drink.
  • The trip schedule is very much dependent on weather conditions and may make changes accordingly.

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